You have become aware of VALEOGRAPH because you are interested in a comprehensive and reliable, yet painless and non-invasive examination and analysis of your health condition.

An examination with VALEOGRAPH supports you with the targeted prevention. With the aim of preserving and strengthening your health and wellbeing.

VALEOGRAPH is a novel biophysical examination method that detects the electrophysiological reactions within the body and thus provides an accurate representation of your general health. In the subsequent evaluation by your supervising physician or therapist, you will learn exactly whether further medical measures are necessary.

We from the VALEOGRAPH team want you to stay healthy. Find out on this website, how we can support you.

Keep an eye on your health – with VALEOGRAPH.

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Your advantage

Health brings quality of life

Life expectancy in the western world is steadily increasing. At the same time, our expectation of our lives also increases. We do not just want to grow old, but above all to be healthy and to remain healthy. To achieve this, targeted and self-responsible health care is required. We are responsible for maintaining our health and performance.To meet this responsibility, we need a comprehensive knowledge of our own health.

With a VALEOGRAPH health analysis you will get a detailed and reliable overview of your body’s health in a short time. You can recognize the illnesses and functional disorders that have not been noticed so far at an early stage so that, if necessary, further medical measures can be initiated immediately and therapies can be defined in a targeted manner. An advantage that gives your health the decisive edge.

Stay healthy – with VALEOGRAPH.

Your possibilities of examination

How to find your personal VALEOGRAPH health analysis

You want to carry out a health analysis with VALEOGRAPH? We can help you find a centre that offers this study:

We want to be near you! If you are not currently able to find an examination in your area, please contact us. We help you to find a solution.

We are here for you – your VALEOGRAPH team

You are a doctor or therapist and you are interested in offering your patient a valuable, additional benefit with this comprehensive examination option? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you and support you. Your patients will be grateful.


Further information – for you to “take away”

Just as we continually improve the VALEOGRAPH technology, we are also striving to provide even better information. Here you will find our current information media.

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For any questions, please contact us. We are looking forward to every suggestion that will help us to better meet your needs.

With VALEOGRAPH you are one step ahead of your health.


How to reach us

Are you interested in an investigation with VALEOGRAPH and need further information? Are you looking for an examination facility near you? Or are you interested in offering this reliable and innovative method of examination to your patients? We would be glad if you contact us, or if you leave us a message so that we can contact you. We are happy to handle your request.

Thank you for your trust – your VALEOGRAPH team.

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